All-in-one contract management solution designed for small & medium businesses

  • Easily create, organize, share and track
    contracts in a secure cloud solution.
  • Create alerts to get notified of contractual obligations such as deadlines, deliverables, termination or renewal dates.
  • Over 1,800 professional document templates written by consultants and lawyers.

Create new contracts in just a few minutes

You can create a new contract by simply following the steps in our contract creation wizard. You can choose to start from a BiztreeApps template, a previously uploaded company template, using a file from disk or decide to upload later.

You can also enter key contract information such as effective, renewal or termination dates, add an internal reference ID or identify who is the contract manager.

Decide how you want to organize all of your contracts using groups, types or their current status. Finally, the wizard allows you to create notifications and any custom alerts you might need.

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Get alerted of all your contractual obligations

Make sure you never miss a contractual deadline by using our integrated alert and notification system. BiztreeApps will send you a friendly email notification based on the alert settings you choose.

You can for example be notified before a contract ends and even more importantly before any contract is about to be automatically renewed. BiztreeApps will make sure that you never miss important dates that could cost you a lot of money.

You can also create your own custom alerts for any important milestones such as payment terms and even determine who will receive the email notifications.

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Never miss any legal activity in your company

The Contract Dashboard allows you to see everything that’s happening so you will never miss what your team or your employees are doing when it comes to your contractual obligations. All the actions done by the users are conveniently logged and displayed in the Activity History.

The Dashboard also displays all past due contract alerts as well as any upcoming alerts that might require your attention. Recently signed or updated contracts are also clearly marked in the Alerts & Notifications section.

Lastly, the Dashboard gives you quick access to all the relevant functionality of BiztreeApps – giving you a well-designed executive panel to monitor all legal or contractual activities.

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Easily import and manage your existing contracts

We all have contracts lying around in our offices. Often, we forget about taking a second look and too many times missing important dates. Taking the time to review each of the contracts and to create a short list of important dates can be time consuming.

The import tool has been specifically designed to help you quickly upload all of your legacy contracts. You can upload a preview of any PDF, JPEG or PNG files – making it easy to locate important information such as renewal or termination date.

All the contract details have been laid out in order to minimize mouse clicks and extra navigation – allowing you to rapidly import all your critical contract.

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Save time and money with 1,800+ business templates

BiztreeApps comes with legal and business templates for all your needs and for every aspect of your business. We have templates for all your departments, including: Legal, Sales, Marketing, HR, Operations and IT.

Whether you are looking for a shareholder agreement, an NDA, a reseller agreement, or a contract for your new employee; BiztreeApps has you covered. All the templates can be downloaded an unlimited number of times and are yours to keep forever – even after cancelling your yearly subscription.

All of you templates are also available in seven languages (English, French, Spanish, Chinese, German, Portuguese, and Italian) – giving you access to more than 10,000 templates. This is an incredible value to your business.

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& Accounting
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& Collection

Securely store all your contracts and legal agreements

We have developed a secure, reliable and safe deposit box in the cloud for all your contracts and legal agreements. By importing all your scanned contracts in BiztreeApps, you can have the confidence that you will never lose trace of all your contractual obligations even if disasters such as flood, fire or theft occurs.

By storing all your contracts in the cloud, you will also be able to access any of your legal documents, wherever you are, whenever you need them the most.

Don’t take any chances in losing important documentation needed to run your business. We use the latest cloud security and storage technologies so you can be sure your legal archives are safe.

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Accelerate contract signing with EchoSign e-signature

Once the contract is ready to go, you can easily send it to the other party for review and signature. Using the built-in digital signature service from Adobe Echosign, you can make sure that you keep complete control over the entire contract signing process.

Once signed and processed, each contract will be safely stored in your BiztreeApps cloud database. You will be able to keep your latest version of your contract as well as keep the signed PDF copy – making sure you have a perfect reference if you ever need it.

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Efficiently work right inside of Microsoft Office

A lot of your work happens as you use Microsoft Office. In order to provide a seamless experience to our customers, we have designed a very powerful toolbar giving you all the power of BiztreeApps right inside Microsoft Word.

The toolbar provides seamless integration with our cloud solution, allowing you to easily open contracts and save new versions in just a few clicks.

We also have designed a very powerful feature that will simplify your life when you need to process the same kind of documents again and again. Use Biztree’s Smart Fields to create intelligent templates that makes it easy for you to re-use and quickly fill up contracts such as Non Disclosure Agreements.

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Simply control user access for each contract

With contracts lying around in your office or your filing cabinet, it’s never sure which unauthorized employee gets access to your confidential information. By using BiztreeApps to manage all your contracts, you will be able to make sure that nobody gets their hands on sensitive material.

The administrative panel allows you to manage all active users, their permissions and user access. Create groups such as Marketing, Sales and HR and determine permissions for each team.

Each group can easily share and collaborate within BiztreeApps — improving efficiency and productivity for your entire company.

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