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See what’s possible with BiztreeApps

  • Alerts & Notifications

    Never miss a contractual deadline with integrated alerts and email notifications.
  • Activity Dashboard

    Monitor all activities such as contract modifications, recent events or recently added files.
  • Contract Creation Wizard

    Create new contracts by simply following the steps in our contract creation wizard.
  • Contract Import Tool

    Easily import all your existing contracts and track key event dates.
  • Control User Permissions

    Manage users and their access rights to important contracts.
  • Secure Cloud Storage

    Centralize your legal filling system in a secure cloud solution.
  • Digital Signature

    Simplify the contract signing process with digital signatures from Adobe Echosign.
  • Office Integration

    Powerful features and instant access to BiztreeApps right inside Microsoft Office.
  • Document Templates

    Access over 1,800 document templates for your business and legal needs.

A contract management solution you can trust

Biztree has been serving small, medium and even large businesses for more than 10 years.
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